Windows 10 Revolution, All New Icons in Windows Explorer: First Images Here

There are two of Microsoft’s plans Feature updates for Windows 10In 2021. The first is straight home and does not carry big messages, the second will be proposed in the second half of the year and bring a stylistic revolution with it. The renovation is locally known as the Sun Fence and should be included New graphics and variations in the Start menu. Also, Insider users can find some news in the latest version.

Published by MicrosoftCreates Windows 10 Insider Preview 21343, Which introduces one New icons in the Explorer app. In the past, when Microsoft updated operating system icons it was not always a real revolution, although in this case the differences with the previous icons are obvious. Microsoft came up with an adequate description of the innovation itself Post the post on the official blog.

Windows 10 21 H2, new design with new icons

What changes are the main default icons of the operating system, and not just in Explorer, such as folders or recycle bin or drivers installed on the computer. Microsoft has not officially stated this, but not all icons will be the same until release. Windows 10 21 H2. Microsoft Insider has the opportunity to hear feedback from users, and may change some if requested in bulk.

In the past, Microsoft has tried to change some of the icons of the operating system and then reversed its steps after adverse reactions from users. In the newly released framework, the new icons are not the only novelty: Microsoft updated the Windows Administration Tools folder and renamed it Windows Tools, while some features were enabled in the Chinese version of the system. Internal users can downloadCreate Windows 10 21343 From the side Windows Update Of Settings, Participates Dev Channel.

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