Windows 10X is on the verge of collapse: the operating system of the future has no future

With the updated UX, Windows 10x should become the operating system for Microsoft’s future yet has no future. Like the site ZDNet Reports, the developers have already been pulled from the project. At least this year, Windows 10X will not appear and will be integrated into the “new” Windows.

There is no future for Windows 10X at the moment

Windows 10x, which premiered in October 2019 on Surface Neo with two displays, Microsoft’s response to Google’s Chrome OS was supposed to be a simple but more modern version of Windows 10, and after several delays, first screen devices are used. The one and later versions are also available on dual-screen devices like Neo.

Windows 10 X with a new taskbar

Windows 10 X with a new taskbar

Windows 10 X with a new start menu (

Windows 10 X with a new start menu (“Launcher”)

It was said recently that Microsoft is planning two variants for 2021/2022. But nothing like the site will come from it I mentioned it first.

Sun Valley’s full power

Instead, Microsoft is supposed to release Windows 10 with the “Project Sun Valley” design update in a smaller version of Windows 10.

The website refers to internal sources who should be familiar with the project.

That there is more than “just” another postponement of the deadline this time, determined by other evidence. For example, Microsoft is said to have already removed all in-house developer versions from its internal servers and pulled developers out of the project.

Development work is currently focused on Windows 21H1 and Cobalt release, Windows 21H2, in the second half of the year.

Windows 10x follows Windows RT

Hence, Windows 10X may be the next unsuccessful attempt by Microsoft to put Windows 10 on a broader basis. Hardly anyone talks about Windows RT and Windows 10S today, which are still there, but are emerging from a mysterious existence.

Microsoft itself has yet to comment on a possible end to Windows 10X, which is why this information should be approached with caution.

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