Windows 10x: The first images of the Windows 10 subsidiary

This is how Windows 10X should look like on PCs with a screen.

W.According to rumors, 10x indows will debut in Spring 2021. Microsoft hasn’t provided any details or images yet. Now Windows Central Editor Zac Bowden has shared the first screenshot of the new OS on Twitter. Shows how Windows 10x looks like on a traditional machine with a display screen. The Start Menu and Taskbar are no longer aligned to the left, but are in the center of the screen. Icons appear significantly larger and resizable – ideal for use on touchscreens. Microsoft Edge, Mail, Explorer, and TaskView logos are placed next to the Windows icon in the system tray.

Windows 10X Start Menu

The Windows 10x Start menu is divided into three sections: at the top there is a search bar, and in the middle is an app list with 15 installed apps (banners in three rows and five columns), which can be arranged as desired in this grid. Click the “Show All” button to expand a complete program overview. There are no live tiles or app folders (for now). The bottom area lists the most recent installed apps and documents used. All in all, the start menu looks neat and simple. The following YouTube clip provides insight.

More simplification in Windows 10X

Microsoft has also redesigned the right part of the taskbar, and all the flyers that can be accessed directly have moved to the (Action Center) panel with Quick Settings. Contains links for Bluetooth and WLAN connections to change volume and more. The information center with notifications is located above the quick settings. Furthermore, there is a new Music Control in Action Center.

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