Windows 11 on PC with Raison 1000 and Core 7000: Still optimistic. Microsoft opening

I Windows 11 requirements They may change, perhaps. No, we’ve not talking about it TPM 2.0 request (This seems to be the point of contention now), but Supports CPU. Nowadays, Microsoft has imposed more stringent requirements from the point of view of compatible CPUs, requiring a CPU Eighth generation Intel Core Then or a solution AMD Raison 2000 to series. Well, inside A post published in these hours, The company opens up potential news in this regard.

“The purpose of this post is to acknowledge and erase the confusion caused by our PC Healt Check Tool, to share more details about why we updated the requirements for Windows 11, and to set the course for us to learn,” reads the Windows panel post.

The initial decision to limit the number of supported CPUs, according to the company Three cardinal principles: Safety, reliability and compatibility. First, CPUs, other than integrated TPM, must support secure boot, virtualization-based security (Virtualization based security, VPS) And some specific virtualization features. According to Microsoft, these features have been shown to reduce malware by up to 60% on supported devices.

However, in terms of reliability, Microsoft has chosen CPUs that have adopted the new Windows driver model and are supported by OEMs and manufacturers, thus ensuring a “99.8% crash-free experience”. Finally, compatibility: “Windows 11 is designed to be compatible with the applications you use. It is based on at least 1 GHz, 2 cores, 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage, compatible with the minimum computer requirements of the office, and Microsoft teams.”

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These are the ways Microsoft has established the requirements for the new operating system, but that does not mean that there can be no change. The company says it will implement Windows 11’s test framework by releasing it to Insiders and OEMs.Tests to identify devices with Intel 7th Gen CPU and AMD Gen1 that can meet our policies. We are committed to sharing updates on our test results and additional technical blogs over time. “

The tests begin immediately, indeed The first version of Windows 11 available for Windows Insiders did not require DPM 2.0 or a specific CPU model or processor series.. “By providing preview builds for different systems in our Windows Insider program, we will learn how Windows 11 works perfectly on different CPU models, which will allow us to understand. We need to make any changes to our minimum computer requirements in the futureMicrosoft explains.

Regarding PC health test Instead, the Redmond House lets it know what it has decided Remove the app We need to tell you why our Windows 10 PC is ready for Windows 11 Invalid So one more proof Confusion. The application will most likely return in the fall, in revised version, with new requirements.

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