Winter down across Italy: What’s going on

This afternoon Italy is all about “Wind Down”. The telephone company’s network has stopped working across the peninsula, not allowed No incoming or outgoing calls. The Down Detector site has thousands of user reports that specialize in diagnosing service failures.

Below Winterey across Italy: Network Issues

The breakdown would have started at 4 p.m. Today, Wednesday 3rd February, it does not seem to be resolved yet. A lot of people complain about WinRay phone connection issues, but scandals also concern the internet.

According to DownDetector charts, it still records The peak of reports with more than 7,500 users who have identified incompetence in the last half hour. 71% of cases have problems receiving or sending calls and messages, while 19% have no internet access and 7% total blackout.

From the Downtector site, it collects all alerts and provides real-time information on the status and issues of all types of conditions. Telecommunications services, Business services The diagram shows how incompetence is mainly concentrated In the most dense provincial capitals: Milan, Genoa, Turin, Verona, Bologna, Perugia, Rome, Naples and Palermo are among the most affected cities, but the breakdowns include other municipalities on the peninsula.

Winter down Italy Italy: Reports on social media

These events happen often su Twitter l’hashtag # Window This appeared to be one of the most popular trends, with hundreds of subscribers coming to the social network to voice their complaints and understand what is going on.

“Then I just can not take / receive calls?” A user question.

For more than two hours, the Wind Voice Network has been completely knocked out across Italy., Judging by angry comments on dedicated error reporting sites. TheIs the problem really that big? Can you tell more or less what is going on? “The phone quotes the company’s profile and asks for another account.

“Customer application does not work, internet does not work !! The connection is down, very slow ”again “Confirm telephone connection issues? You cannot call or receive! ”, Have some complaints been sent to Wind Drive on Twitter?

At this time, however, the manager did not respond to requests for information or provide official communication.

Veronica Tucker

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