The New Zollverein App: More Digital Offerings on World Heritage Sites

The New Zollverein app makes it easy to navigate the huge Essen World Heritage Mine. What are the digital presentations guests.

The Zollverein mine in Essen goes digital: the smartphone app now helps you explore the mega World Heritage site. The digital display shouldn’t make it easier for visitors to find their way around the 100-hectare World Heritage Site. Thanks to the augmented reality (augmented reality) technology used, guests of Zollverein can also expect special virtual effects at some hotspots. For example, QR codes scanned by a mobile phone begin to vaporize locomotives at certain points or roughly move the reels of the double socket.

Professor Dr. says. Hans-Peter Knoll, Chairman, Zollverein Foundation. “However, there should not be a forest of signage on the World Heritage site, and many other approaches cannot be implemented due to the protection of the monuments. Therefore, going the digital path is an excellent solution and is also in line with our claim to lead the Zollverein World Heritage Site in the future.”

Zollverein indicates museums, attractions, restaurants, and businesses

The app, which is freely available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, focuses on GPS-based guidance to the coal mine and coke plant. “All sites on the World Heritage site are registered and every change in the system can be entered into immediately,” explains Stefan Romer, Head of Strategy, Marketing and Innovation at Zollverein.

The Zollverein app doesn’t only show the route to museums, exhibition halls, events, attractions, restaurants, companies, and points of interest on the site. It also provides information on the current and historical use of buildings and facilities in the World Heritage Site. Current events are also shown. GPS guided tours show exciting spots in the Zollverein, a specially designed trail for children that is part of the show, for example. -Zolverine-id210109779 .html

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