With this new advanced feature, iPhone 13 will blow its mind off its competitors

Will the iPhone 13 reach its competitors? This is the question that future buyers of the next Apple smartphone are asking themselves. Because they saw that even if Samsung does not revolutionize its Galaxy S20, it is “content with itself” with a small upgrade for the S21 that was unveiled on January 14th, the new South Korean phone promises to be very effective. Due to the competition also between Oppo, Huawei and other Xiaomi who will all release new models this year, Cupertino cannot be missed on the iPhone 13. The latest rumors suggest that Apple is immediately there.

While the Touch ID should return in the form of a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen, at the bottom of the phone, a vapor chamber should be integrated into the smartphone so that the structure is well ventilated and not overheated, and the notch when the upper part must be reduced, the camera can also evolve . according to DigiTimes, Optical sensor shift stabilization, available today only on iPhone 12 Pro Max, should be compatible with all iPhone 13 devices. This mechanical stabilization is performed directly on the sensor and not on the lens, and enables image capture. The best photos in all conditions.

In addition, the Lidar Sensor only available on iPhone 12 Pro will be integrated into four iPhone 13 phones. As a reminder, the Lidar Sensor is an ideal tool for virtual reality because it calculates distance and depth. It also helps to improve image quality by improving autofocus. By offering an excellent surplus on its image unit, the iPhone 13 can hope to fight competition and seduce the consumer.

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