We are at Metaverse! (audio notation)

We talk about it, we talk about this parallel world, so, inevitably, we wanted to see what it is like to find our way in reality (or rather virtual). Welcome to an unusual issue of Chez Jérôme et François. Well, in terms of hardware, we put on our Oculus Quest VR masks and met up at Horizon Workrooms, the pro virtual reality platform developed by Facebook. The result was amazing. If you watched the video from this podcast (also available with audio, as usual), you’ll understand.


Really, the place is quite nice. Our avatars find themselves in a spacious virtual meeting room, with large windows overlooking the montage landscape. Then, the realism of the avatars is questionable but funny. We tried to create relatively similar characters. What is surprising, above all, is the spatial positioning of the sound that enhances the impression of participants’ closeness to each other. Finally, the Oculus headset is not uncomfortable to wear, and can be carried around without a problem for thirty to forty minutes. We really invite you to watch the result, even the first-person video recording moves a bit and might make you feel seasick.

Other than that, in this new episode, we discuss the same pointers, of course, but also technology in the region, our inspiring meetings of the month, and Spotify and Apple TV+ who think they’re funny by embracing the old practices of the analog world. And finally, the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas which is fast approaching.

Good listening! Have a good video with us at metavers!

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