With three players injured, OM refuses to resume play in Nice

Three injured players denounced in their ranks after Nice supporters invaded the field, and OM refused to resume the championship match at Allianz Rivera on Sunday.

stop from 75NS min and Ansar Ness invasion of the field The desire to fight a battle with the Marseille players after the skin reaction of bye Bottle Throwing Victim, Match 3NS L1 day between Gym And color It has since been suspended. It will not resume on Sunday evening.

After an hour’s hiatus, NFL delegates decided the game could resume its course — a desire shared by Eagles and President Riviere, who on Amazon Prime made it a matter of public order. ” a lot happened, says the owner of the Riviera. She told OM that it was not a football problem but a problem of public order and responsibilities. There is sport and a general system and we must resume the game and you resume the platform will not move. »

Mr Bastien notices Marseille’s absence

But Marseille’s leaders did not hear it that way, notably President Longoria who felt his team was not safe at Allianz Rivera. As evidence of this, injuries were noted in the locker room after the clashes: traces of suffocation by Luan Peres and Matteo Guenzie, a severe bruise on the back for Dimitri Payet.

« We decided not to resume the match for the safety of our playersPablo Longoria breathes. The referee agreed with us that the safety of the players is not guaranteed, and his decision was to stop the match. The League decided to resume the match for reasons of public order. This is not acceptable to us and that is why we decided not to resume the match. »

While Niçois resumed the warm-up on the lawn, on the order of the League, Marseilles set up, they, in their positions. After the LFP acknowledged the Olympic defection, Mr. Bastian suspended the match permanently. With all that that means coming… and the OGC Nice players applauding their supporters in the center circle. The end point of a terrifying Riviera evening.

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