Wool, cotton and silk. The new life of yarn gives birth to strange gadgets, dolls, and shopping bags

Ancona – not only sweaters, scarves and hats. Inside a ball of wool, silk and cotton there is an extraordinary world without the use of crochet hooks, needles or a loom. Because the real hero is the thread itself and with imagination you can create decorative and even useful things.

For example, lining a tree branch with twine can be a fun way to remember a walk and make it a focal point in the home. The branch will be used year-round as a photo frame, note holder for family obligations, or even as an Easter tree.

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Turning strings into tassels and pom-poms allow you to accomplish many things. When placed in a row, together or separately, they let you customize door switches, create a curtain cover, make a keyring, or even customize a shopping bag or duffel bag. The effect is to create, by alternating pompoms and tassels, a curtain of this transparent effect on the window. Beautiful, thread that turns into a doll. Take a 10 cm x 8 cm card and wrap it in wool along the length until you get enough thickness to form the body. Remove it from the template and tie the top to make the head. Repeat the same process but on the width to make the arms. So tie the two sides together. Place the “arms” inside the body just below the “head” and tie them directly under the body. Cut strands from a strand of the “body”, divide into two parts, tie at the bottom to get legs. With scissors, shred for making hands and feet. Wrap the head with a small piece of cloth to make the face. Glue some wool on top to make hats. Draw or embroider the mouth and eyes.

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In the meantime, for those who want to recover yarn from an old sweater, check out how they were made. If you used cut and sew, you would have broken threads, which are ideal for small collages, while if the various parts can be loosened, you will have long strands that are usually wrinkled and deformed. To restore it, use the back of a chair, tie the tuft at various points and soak it in warm water and wool or Marseille soap. Rinse and spread them on hangers to dry with the help of tying heavy bags. They will help straighten the thread. Don’t forget, however, to turn the strand over every now and then as it dries. Another trick, while taking off the jacket, is to wrap the wool around the bottle. Dip it under cold water and let it dry. For strings that are not afraid of heat – so mohair or cashmere wool is strictly banned – try a pressure cooker. Make small balls. Put the water in the saucepan until it boils, submerge the balls, close them and cook for 5 minutes. Take it out right away and let it dry.

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