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Dying light2 It seems to travel to different places Problems, A company that dominates, with a statement that speaks to the somewhat questionable management of the Dakland project Somewhat toxic work environment.

Nothing officially, but it is clear that some issues arose during the development of Dying Lite 2, this game was announced a few years ago and has been several times Postponed, Long after January 2020, was changed to 2021 without a release date or reference period.

Moreover, practically no substance has emerged in this matter, which reinforces the suspicions about it Health status Of the project, even though we expect it to end. Recently, The Gamer website released a statement starting from some Evidence Collected from sources close to the Polish team, which reveals a complex picture of Decland, which is characterized by a specific toxicity from above as a workplace.

The article includes the testimonies of 10 former developers who were anonymous, widely known as “authoritarian management, bad planning and Toxic work culture It comes from the top of the company “, frankly.

It appears that Manager, In particular, do not willingly accept any warnings or corrections from highly experienced developers, as this can lead to disconnection between administrators and game developers and delay in creating Dying Lite 2 due to poor management. Practical problems of development.

In the last two months alone, it has at least emerged from the report 20 developers left Decland, which led to a series of remakes of different parts of the game and a story Redesigned Six times or more so far. All of this complicates the outcome of the project, at which point one still has no idea when the dying light 2 will end or what features and characteristics it may have. The exact way. However, these are all officially unconfirmed rumors.

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In fact, it was only last month that the departure of the leading writer team from Techland was revealed, which raised further doubts about the health of the project. Meanwhile, however, the collector’s version of Dying Light 2 has emerged from a leak.

Dying Light 2 provides the specific subjective action setting of the precursor

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