Working in Virtual Reality – Franziskus-Hospital Harderberg has been selected for a leading role nationwide

Chief Physician PD Dr. Olaf Rolf demonstrates work in virtual reality, a project giving a German premiere at the Franciscus Hospital Harderberg. Photo: Daniel Mayer/Franziscus Harderberg Hospital

The Franciscus Harderberg Hospital of the Nils Stensen Hospital is the first hospital in Germany to test surgery with the support of electronic glasses, allowing greater precision in some complex shoulder diseases.

Specifically, it concerns the implantation of a shoulder joint with the so-called virtual reality glasses. “This innovative procedure could bring many advantages to some of the interventions,” says chief medical officer PD. Doctor. Olaf Rolf. He is sure that part of the future history is already being written in the Franziskus Hospital. He is grateful that the manufacturer was the first in Germany to choose it for this project, which will be part of daily life in many hospitals in the future.

The shoulder joint is particularly demanding

Dr. says. Rolf. His clinic is one of 17 centers worldwide where artificial joint replacements are now strictly used within the framework of the already approved system. This makes sense especially with the shoulder joint, because it is the most complex joint. The new surgical method complements the real operating room environment with digital information for precise intervention on the spectacle display. Dr. says. Rolf: This makes it possible to place the implant more accurately, especially in difficult conditions. “In the future, virtual reality will be our constant companion,” says the chief medical officer, and he is sure of that.

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