Multiversus, the cross-platform game from WB Games, rumored to be free?

Recently, rumors claimed that WB Games is working on a title inspired by Super Smash Bros. climax Known as Multiversus. Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat confirmed this leak on Twitter and has now posted news with a Report Which includes some interesting details. The first IP report of the leak in reddit. The leaked version was later confirmed by Jeff Grubb via a Twitter message.

The whistleblower claims that it is Group gameAlthough it is not clear what he meant when he said it Two characters can be quickly changed and left or they will be used in another way. Many of the details mentioned in the Grubb report are consistent with the recent leak, including play characters For all Warner Bros. property. Like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Batman, Tom, Jerry and more. the site The report also states that the game will be called Multiversus.. A trademark for the same product was also recently registered by Warner Bros. Among the news, Grubb goes on to say that Multiversus can be a free to play game And WB Games will adopt a post-launch model with many additional DLC characters.. Presumably some of these can be taken fromSpace Jam movies NS Grob strongly suggests that LeBron James will be one of the DLC characters..

WB Games has already run tests for the game.But there is no mention of development time. The company mentioned earlier It plans to focus game development efforts on real estate the company already owns. Remember to take this information with caution until official information is revealed. Keep following us for more information.

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