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From now on PlayStation Plus Extras and Premium / Deluxe Available in Asia, the result is new details on additional features offered by two new subscriptions. Among the advantages of the more expensive layer, i.e. the deluxe (specific layer for markets without streaming), is the opportunity to access time-tested versions of the PS5 and PS4 titles. Reported by some users Horizon Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077 Take a little 5 hour trial versionsThe rest of the list is limited to two hours.

Confirmation comes from some screenshots shared by PS Vortex on Twitter that show you both Horizon Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077 allowing you to take advantage of 5 hours of testing, while collecting titles such as WWE 2K22, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves and Tiny Dina’s Wonderland The maximum limit is two hours.

This is definitely an interesting detail, which may indicate that the publishers can Determine the period independently Time tests, until they go below the minimum limit. This will be of great benefit to the most undecided users for big games like the latest attempt by Guerrilla Games and CD Project Red, two hours will not be enough to get a clear idea.

We do not know if these variations in time trials apply to the local PlayStation Plus premium as well, so we are waiting for official details.

Contrary to what the PlayStation Store pointed out yesterday, as the title suggests, the PS1 and PSP Classics do not support online multiplayer.

Veronica Tucker

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