Is Fortnite quickly becoming the concert hall (and cinema) of the future?

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  • The Fortnite video game is organizing more and more live entertainment events, according to our DNA partner.
  • To prevent players from eliminating their opponents during these events, they take place in a (virtual) world where you cannot “kill” yourself.
  • Fortnite’s evolution may reflect this ambition of becoming more than just a game.

While the Cannes Film Festival or the Cesars team do not yet know when they will be able to organize an actual meeting with their audience again,
Fortnite video game On February 20, 2020, it opened its first virtual film festival, Amad
Nate is short. The event looked like an outdoor show with a giant screen and virtual spectators eating popcorn, or performing small dances like the characters in the game. A selection of short films are shown every thirty minutes. , Allowing players from all over the world to come check out according to their timezone.

Breakthrough Festival on YouTube

Among the dozens of movies on offer, players / spectators can watch it seat, Directed by Rich Weber, BAFTA Nominee (UK equivalent of Academy Awards), and Lynx & Birds films, from BlueZoo Studios, plus
catastropheDirected by Jamil Van Weijngarden. Recording of the event was banned due to apparent rights issues, but that hasn’t stopped some smart kids from streaming some parts on YouTube.

Future of events?

To ensure that films are shown without missiles being fired in all directions, the Short Nite Festival was organized in Royal partyA world in which players cannot kill themselves. This island was launched with great fanfare in May 2020, after the success of Travis Scott’s concert which gathered more than 12.3 million people, this island is now the official nightclub and holiday center for the game. Many artists like
Diplo Or Dillon Francis introduced there scenography and influences that are impossible to recreate in a physical place.

This isn’t the first time a video game has attempted to set up a permanent virtual world that allows for meetings or attending shows. World of Warcraft already made it possible to follow concerts during the 2000s. But at the time, this kind of experience only concerned a minority of people (PC gamers) and wasn’t as attractive as a real concert. Today, the Fortnite world can be accessed for free from the mobile phone while concert halls are on their way to becoming a world relic before.

Will Fortnite replace Facebook?

This ability to bring as many people together as possible in an immersive virtual space can make Fortnite the social platform of the future. In one Article published on February 5Investor Matthew Ball thinks he will discover in the video game a concept.
Metaverse This concept was envisioned by Ernst Klein in his anticipatory book
The first player It is a virtual world where users play, communicate, have fun, learn, or even work and earn money. This is exactly the kind of platform Mark Zuckerberg dreamed of when he bought the latter, the virtual reality company Oculus in 2014, and announced Facebook Horizon in 2019.

Far from being a geek fiction, the idea of ​​developing a perpetual virtual world that everyone uses is well established in the minds of Tim Sweeney, CEO ofEpic games. In 2019, the latter responded to a tweet asking if Fortnite is a game or a social platform: “It’s a game, but ask me again in 12 months.”

Tim Sweeney: “Fortnite is a game. But ask me again in 12 months”

A year later, the answer became more accurate: “Fortnite is first and foremost a game. But with every update and new map creation, it gets closer and closer to a place and platform. 2021 will be an interesting year for that!”

By hosting concerts and movie festivals targeting the larger world, Fortnite may have set a new stone for building this metaverse, but Other gaming platforms such as Roblox They are also in the race. The game has only started.

The original article was written by David Julian Rahmel and posted on the site Laden.

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