Xbox Downloadable April Update: Achievements, Xbox Game Pass, and Speed ​​| Xbox One

Xbox and Xbox Series X | update is now coming out S April! Includes news about achievements on the Xbox mobile app and some console interface tweaks.

Xbox app achievements

The new Xbox app on iOS and Android has come under a lot of criticism but little by little the previous features return and the app gets better.

With the success back in the app, some players now have access to scoreboards to compare themselves to their friends. Access to achievements will also be available from the game page and all players will have access to these new features by the end of the month.

What Xbox Game Pass games are your friends playing?

Sometimes it’s hard to pick a game from the Xbox Game Pass that we like. A dedicated space now displays in the interface and allows you to watch the Game Pass games your friends are playing. It is possible to launch the game from there, or start the installation.

New Xbox Game Pass recommendations

Depending on the games you’ve played, new recommendations are shown in the Xbox Game Pass section of the console. Lots of categories added like FPS, Sci-Fi, Horror, Sandbox, Mystery, Anime, Fantasy and more.

Pause the game to speed up downloads

In March, we mentioned a feature for Pause the Xbox game Thus downloading speed is gaining. The feature is already available to some players, and is now available to everyone with the latest Xbox update.

Today, the queue alerts you when your active game slows down download speeds. You will now have the option to pause your active game to free up bandwidth and achieve the most efficient download speeds. Then, with Quick Resume, you can return directly to your game whenever you want to start playing again.

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