Your Xbox console and its mobile apps update

There is something new, whether it’s on Xbox or the accompanying mobile app. It has been fiercely claimed in recent months, and the successes are already making its way back to the iOS and Android app. Gradually, more and more players have access to this feature and it should be available to everyone by the end of the month. You will be able to compare your performance with your friends but also to consult available achievements for each game.

That’s not all, as your Xbox will benefit from the features announced earlier this year. A section of the Xbox Game Pass app on your console will tell you which games your friends are playing in your membership. This will allow you to join a game from this list or download the game in question if you haven’t installed it before. Additional recommendations will be available based on your favorite titles. There will also be more different classes like FPS, Sci-Fi, or Sandbox.

PlayWithYourFriend feature

The My Games & Apps section also takes advantage of a new feature that aims to help you download your games faster. In fact, when the game is open, the ongoing downloads are slowed down. This will always be the case, but the new button will provide you with the ability to suspend all existing titles. Not the silver solution, but it should help a lot of players. Don’t worry about fast restarting, you can always resume your game where you left off. If you are not impatient and want to test the following new features in advance, you can join us Xbox Insider Program.

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