Xbox Exclusive loses its descriptive lead, the team is looking for someone to change it –

There Revealed story leadKate Dollarhide, Left Absidian. The team is currently looking for someone to replace the woman.

Dollarhite writes, via Twitter“After five wonderful years at Obsidian, I’m leaving the studio to pursue my own creative goals! This is my last week with my team. I’m had the good fortune to learn from so many great designers, and thank you to all the dear friends I met for all of them.”

Dollarheight, as he explains in a later tweet, has worked on Pillars Eternity II Deadfire, The Outer Worlds and related DLCs. “It’s a joy and privilege to be a part of creating some of the worlds you love,” says Apsidian’s former story lead.

By Absidian site We also find that the team is looking for a new or new lead story designer to work with on the company’s “next RPG”. Responsibilities include managing the writing team, providing guidance on the style and aesthetics of the storytelling of the game, but also writing the dialogue of the game and some parts of the lyrics. We are looking for someone with at least three years of experience and a published game with multiple choice dialogues.

Recently, we discovered that the Avowed Unreal Engine 5 could be developed with – the lead VFX artist actually working with Niagara technology.

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