Xbox Game Studios Updates Age IV of Empires

Xbox Game Studios wanted to give you a quick reminder that they are still working Age of Empires IV Three years later. Every time the game is announced in the summer of 2017, we get little information about it, but nothing really significant. It seems that time was spent mainly on releasing limited editions of the previous three games. But that year ended with their own news section and the team decided to give it a go Minor update, You can read AOE4 Below is a part of it. When they talk about some development, there is no clear path by the team as to when we will watch the game.

Do you think we will see this game in 2022? Who knows! Courtesy of Xbox Game Studio.

We are making great progress Age of Empires IV. I do not want to make you jealous, but we play this game every day in Washington and Vancouver.

RDS development is fun: it takes a while to create separate systems (AI, Economy, SIM, rendering, etc.) and then it takes a while for them to come together. But when they do, you suddenly have a game – it’s a game that requires debugging and balancing and polishing – but you know you’re going to ship. And the best part is it feels like one Period of empires Sports.

As we all move from office to home, our partners are incredibly determined to make it easier for us to adapt our game (through trial and error) to keep track of the game and to be productive. Not to mention the backbone activities of the best developers, artists, designers, narrators, audio professionals and community the company so interested.

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