God of War offers a new perspective on first-person mod players

When it comes to how the game is played, Sony is the most recent of the Santa Monica studios God of War Must be played from a third party perspective. That’s how every bit of the game is played. But now, a user has decided to mix things up and see what the game will look like from a completely different perspective, and the result is an interesting one, highlighting how significant the animation work in the game is.

Seen in the new video from Profile, Has created a mod to show what the user world is God of War Seems from the first person view. This perspective video illustrates the eyes of the various characters in the game, including Kratos, Atrius and Mimir. Thanks to this mode many characters appear closer to the screen than usual, so it is remarkable to see how long the facial animation lasts. God of War Overall.

The only drawback of the video is that we do not see what the war will look like from this perspective. Obviously, it would be a lofty task to work properly, but alas, we have to keep imagining what it would be like. A few key Cutskens God of War The only sections highlighted in this video.

If you watch the video attached above, you should also note that there are some pretty big spoilers God of War Included. If you haven’t played the game for yourself somehow, you may want to watch only a few scenes of the opening rather than watching the whole thing. Also, you absolutely have to play God of War If you have a way to do so because it is one of the best games of the last few years.

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As for the future God of War, The next installment of the series is said to be released on PlayStation 5 (and Possible PlayStation 4) This year. Although it does not yet have an official title, God of War: Ragnarok, As many call it, should be shown more as we progress through 2021. If you want to continue to follow our right to the fullest, you can do so Visit our exclusive page here.

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