Xbox Games does not have a negative impact on pass development, according to We Happy Few –

In a recent interview, Nyla Hadjas Mandatory games, The authors of We Happy Few, say in their view The Xbox Game Pass will not have a negative impact on development Of a game.

Next Plan of Compulsive Games Xbox Game Boss Xbox Series X | S. for Xbox One. In an interview with Xbox PanelWhen asked if this would affect growth, Hadjas responded negatively, explaining that being part of the service would allow the studio’s next project to reach a wider audience.

No, there is no negative impact. Positive, yes. We want as many people as possible to access our games. For example, we were happy, at first we only released it on Steam, a little bit along with ID @ Xbox and released it on PlayStation. What we really want is people to play our game. And the fact that it’s on Game Boss means more people can do it.

We are happy that the latest compulsory game program has also arrived on the Xbox Game Boss

It can only have a negative impact when you release a game on multiple consoles. For example Xbox One and Series X | S has many limitations. A title should run all over, even if it is not the only authority.“.

In principle, Hudgas’ thinking is in line with the thinking of Calvatron, the author of The Artful Escape, who explained in an interview with that gamepass has no negative pages and allows smaller studios to reach audiences. However, compulsory games are now part of the Xbox Games Studio, so regardless of the benefits of Game Boss, it certainly has the very closed shoulders of an independent studio.

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Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC are celebrating Video Games Day together in Microsoft’s tweet.

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