How to transfer text and photos from one app to another on iPhone

The latest operating system for the iPhone is iOS 15 and it has brought with it a number of new features, including Drag and drop To transfer photos, videos, and more from one app to another. The functionality if we are trivial because it is practically always present in the PC and Mac environment, but that on the iPhone has never been seen before. If used correctly, it saves several tedious steps, and even some time.

The main requirement to take advantage of drag and drop is, as we said, owning iOS 15.

I Apple devices who – which It can be upgraded to iOS 15 They are: iPhone 6s and later, iPhone SE 1st and 2nd generation, iPod touch 7th generation. Those who do not own an iPhone that is compatible with the latest smartphone operating system developed by Apple, cannot resort to the speed it guarantees Drag and drop But he must resort to the “old” methods, which are time consuming but effective in basically the same way.

Drag and drop su iPhone con iOS 15

The premise is also necessary to understand the new capabilities that Apple introduced with iOS 15: the latest operating system for the iPhone that supports it gives the opportunity not only to transfer text and images, but also videos, documents, links, audio files or PDFs. Finally, Compared to the past, it is a good step forward. The only limitation, but one that should be temporary, is the need for apps that support Drag and drop.

At the moment, Apple applications are almost exclusively on the list, but when third-party application developers think about novelty, the number will be much more, besides the possibilities. Those that are at the moment Definitely support Drag and drop On iPhone: Safari, Mail, Messages, and Files, along with other “third parties” who have already made their own news like Gmail, WhatsApp or Telegram. We can say that the must-have iPhone apps support all apps Drag and drop.

How to use drag and drop on iPhone with iOS 15?

Drag and drop iPhoneFirst of all, as specified above, you need to open one of the iPhone apps updated to iOS 15 that already includes a file Drag and drop. We will take the case where you want, for example, Transfer a photo on iPhone from one app to another, but the philosophy behind it is the same, so the steps to be taken are more or less same. Once you select the photo to be transferred, you have to touch it for a long time, keeping your finger still until you feel the iPhone vibrate.

This is the signal that the iPhone tells us that it has received our intent to transfer an image, so we can proceed to the next step.

Now you can move your finger on the screen – Always with too much pressure on him, you should not “give up” – while with another finger – on the other hand – you can interact with the iOS interface as on any other occasion: keeping the first finger glued to the screen, which “locks” the image and carries it with it, with the second finger you have to open the target app, which should be once Other one compatible application. Once the destination app selects the image to be transferred, you can remove the first finger from the screen, to confirm the movement of the image from one app to another on the iPhone.

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In summarizing, You have to hold the object to be moved with one finger – be it a photo, link, text, etc – and with another finger, navigate to the iPhone for the App – Environment – Destination. It is a possibility that If used correctly it can be very “strong”, because in the long run it saves time especially for those who often find themselves transferring virtual objects from one part of the iPhone to another: not having to download every image to be transferred from time to time and then upload somewhere else is an advantage not to be underestimated.

What to do with iPhones without iOS 15?

Drag and drop iPhoneAn additional sometimes indifferent feature that unfortunately is not available on all iPhones that are still active and working. to me Drag and drop You should actually have iPhone updated to iOS 15. Unlike those who are forced to stay on iOS 14 or earlier or who do so by choice, all that remains is to turn to it “classic” styles, More complex and therefore “slower”.

Drag and drop has been available on the iPad for some time, certainly not this year, but so far nothing similar has been seen on the iPhone.

So anyone who, by choice or necessity, has to resort to “alternative” ways to transfer photos and more on the iPhone, is forced to save the photo (or photos) or whatever else is transferred to them Download it then in the target virtual environment. If a section of text is just copy-and-paste, if it is a larger number of sections, it is better to open notes and save them individually there. In short, the roads are those in use for several years, And they are the same people who should turn even those who own an iPhone running iOS 15 if the Main Character apps are not yet compatible with Drag and drop.

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