You can officially download videos with this new quiz

In its YouTube Premium beta program, the online video service now offers the ability to download videos legally and officially.

Source: Alexander Shatov via Unsplash

Source: Alexander Shatov via Unsplash

Google decided to leave Youtube To develop. In recent months, the company has launched several trials: Activate Picture in Picture on iPhoneAnd Translate comments or new navigation. The latest is perhaps the most interesting yet.

Access YouTube videos offline on PC

The demand for uploading videos to YouTube has increased since the beginning of the service. This can allow you to create funny montages, create GIFs, or even access videos even without an internet connection. Today there are many services that offer the most illegal ways to download YouTube videos. Google decided to tackle it by offering a completely official medium.

Find the job on the page YouTube demo features. Remember, these tests are for YouTube Premium subscribers.

YouTube: You can officially download videos with this new quiz

As on mobile, this function will allow you to download YouTube videos in a controlled environment for later viewing, without being connected to the Internet. We may be using it less on PC, but the choice also goes through an app, the PWA web app. By clicking on the Download button below a video, YouTube offers us to install the app in question.

PWAs have their own local storage system on the computer. This is what YouTube will use to download videos.

YouTube: You can officially download videos with this new quiz

Then there is a new Downloads section to display all downloaded videos at the top of the page. Users of this function on a mobile phone will not feel confused.

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YouTube: You can officially download videos with this new quiz

Function parameters are present, even if we do not find many options. We can still choose the video quality for downloads and the ability to delete all video downloads in one click.

If we go back to the trials page, this test will run until October 19th. After this date, we imagine Google will decide whether or not to continue this functionality.

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