YouTube for Android now allows 4K playback on any mobile phone

The application for b YouTube to Android It should be, to repeat, at least one intriguing change to be implemented, which is that the ability to read any 4K content is now available on any mobile phone.

So far, the YouTube Android app has limited video playback quality to the device’s native resolution, as only those with a 4K mobile phone can watch 4K videos. So far, everything is normal. However, from now on, this limitation disappears and everyone can choose the resolution quality.

In other words, if your mobile phone screen is 720p or 1080p, the most common resolution is, You can increase the video quality up to 4KAs long as the video offers that resolution, of course. The question is why, when a device’s screen resolution clearly determines the resolution at which it can play the video.

The answer, however, is not very clear. In fact, there is no official response other than that the change has arrived in the YouTube app for Android. But there are objective reasons why this is an improvement that the user can benefit from.

Note: Your mobile has a 1080p screen and you are playing videos at this resolution. This does not mean that the quality you get is optimal. YouTube, like other online video platforms, applies compression to audio and video formats, and lowers the bitrate to reduce the size of the transmitted files. The same is true for 4K videos.

This is why a movie on Blu-ray can consume tens of GB, while the same movie on Netflix, for example, consumes less than half. The limitation, of course, is the storage, but also the internet connection.

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So, the change introduced by the YouTube app for Android improves the video quality even if you don’t have a device with the right resolution. If your mobile phone screen has a resolution of 1080p, You will see a 4K video with better quality than 1080pAlthough it does not reach such a decision. Yes, the same thing also happens on a PC.

But be careful, because as mentioned, the weight of the video will be much higher so be careful when pulling data, you will not feel very scared.

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