Easily unlock your smartphone: Almost nobody knows this Android hidden function

To activate Smart Lock, follow these steps – in our example on a Samsung device:

  1. First, set up a secure lock method for your device under ‘Device Security’ in Settings.
  2. Then the menu item “Unlock Effect” changes to “Safe Lock Settings”. Click on the point.
  3. Select “Smart Lock” and enter your PIN to authorize the function on your mobile phone.
  4. You are now on the Smart Lock menu. Here you can access the following options:
    Reliable devicesYou classify one or more devices as “trusted.” If the smartphone is near these devices, it will unlock automatically with Smart Lock.
    Trustworthy places: You choose a location where the phone is always open.
    Trusted voice: Your phone can use voice recognition to determine if you are using it.
    Learn about wearing clothes: By recognizing specific movement patterns, Smart Lock recognizes whether or not you currently carry your mobile phone with you. Your phone will then be automatically unlocked accordingly.

But the Smart-Lock feature cannot only be used on Samsung devices. Since it is part of Android, it can be found in most devices’ settings – just search for “Smart Lock”.

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