YouTube on Android TV is testing functionality that promises to be unpleasant

YouTube on Android TV (and Google TV) is testing video autoplay on the app’s home screen… with audio enabled.

3D rendering of the YouTube logo

3D rendering of the YouTube logo // Source: Shubham Dhage on Unsplash

like a mobile app, Youtube on Android TV (and Google TV) regularly tries different tests in order to improve the user experience. Unfortunately, the last experience taught by 9to5Google It can be quite annoying.

In fact, the site states that among a small number of users, YouTube automatically plays videos on the homepage with voice activated. This happens as soon as you leave the cursor on the thumbnail for a few seconds.

You can deactivate this option

Two things need to know. The first is the most annoying. People affected by the Google test will see this preview option with audio enabled by default. Then, unlike similar autoplay functions on mobile and web, the preview YouTube on Android TV only plays a portion of the video. You will not be able to view it completely from the home screen.

If you are worried about this experience and it bothers you, you will have to deactivate the option from YouTube settings in the section dedicated to “Preview by audio” which will most likely produce “Preview with audio” on the interface in French.

Source: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google

As shown or as specified or as indicated 9to5GoogleAt this time, it is impossible to know to what extent this option under test has been deployed. However, the medium was able to replicate the experiment on several devices, including one Nvidia Shield TV and one Chromecast with Google TV.

Thus, job posting is tied to users’ accounts and not their devices.

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