Zuckerberg talks about the Clubhouse teleport

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Like Elon Musk before, Mark Zuckerberg posed questions to Clubhouse about the future on the Good Times Channel. Focus especially on opportunities through mixed reality.

Mark Zuckerberg says: We must move from a distance, not a transfer. Not only will it be good for the climate, but it will also save a lot of time. People can live where they want and remain present wherever it is necessary.

Teleportation is not to be understood in the literal sense of the word

However, Zuckerberg didn’t talk about some form of teleportation as we know it from Star Trek. Instead, the Facebook boss imagines a mixture of virtual and augmented reality. We recently provided details on the corresponding Apple eyewear.

Zuckerberg’s real-time transfer begins with a headset. In this headset, a partial, partial real virtual environment is shown in which people can interact with each other. The simplest example of this could be a conference room in which a distributed team takes a seat at the conference table and presentations are displayed on the virtual screen in the usual way – a kind of zoom on steroids.

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According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is already working extensively on this teleport technology. According to Zuck23, coordinating all systems so that creating a seamless environment that can withstand comparison with a real situation and then improve it is a long way off, as it is called Zuckerberg Clubhouse.

Facebook wants to use the same technology

Incidentally, Facebook wants to be a shining example and convert nearly 50 percent of its workforce into collaboration via VR / AR technology by the end of the decade. According to Zuckerberg, there is a lot more awaiting developers.

A special challenge will also be to help technology achieve social acceptance. This will require headphones that are so miniature that they look like thick glasses.

If you want to hear Zuckerberg’s comments in original audio, you can do so on Youtube. There the channel has the first principle Sign Up uploading has been done.

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