▷ POL-CLP: priority controls on the topic “Distraction in traffic”

06.07.2021 – 12:50

Cloppenburg Police Station / Vechta

Kloppenburg/Vista (OTS)

Simply read a message quickly on your cell phone or call a friend. If the cell phone is picked up while driving, not only can it be expensive – the €100 fine and you get 1 point – but it can quickly become dangerous. For this reason, the police station in Cloppenburg / Vechta regularly conducts major checks on this subject.

Last week, between Monday 28 June 2021 and Sunday 4 July 2021, controls were implemented in the entire inspection area. Police officers had to identify 57 offenses. Of those, 29 drivers, two bus drivers and two truck drivers used their mobile phones while driving. But 24 cyclists* also used a cell phone while driving.

Please contact:

Cloppenburg Police Station / Vechta
POKin Uta-Masami Bley
press office
Phone: 04471 / 1860-104
Email: [email protected]
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Original content from: Police Inspection Cloppenburg / Vechta, relayed by aktuell news

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