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08.02.2021 – 14:33

Mannheim Police Headquarters

Heidelberg Rohrbach (OTS)

Police arrested a 15-year-old man in Rohrbach on Saturday around 6 pm for stealing a mobile phone. The owner had lost his mobile phone a few days ago in the southern part of the city, and despite an intense search, he was unable to find it again. Using the location function of his cell phone, find out where the mobile phone is operating and then report it to the police. In the course of the investigation, officials were able to clarify the identity of the suspect. A 15-year-old male stated that he did not steal his cell phone, but “only” found it. After securing the cell phone, it was handed over to his parents’ care. A complaint is now being filed against him for embezzlement by a youth clerk at Emmertsgrund Police Station. The “redeemed” mobile phone can now be returned to the rightful owner.

In this context, we would like to point out that it is not permissible to keep so-called lost property. From a legal standpoint, a lost thing is owned – but not without an owner. This is why you are at risk of prosecution for embezzlement if you simply keep the items that someone else has lost and do not report the loser / owner about the discovery instead to the lost property office or police, as the lost property law provides.

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Mannheim Police Headquarters
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Original content by: Mannheim Police Headquarters, transmitted via aktuell news

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