▷ POL-PB: #Passauf! Focus on fighting serious traffic accidents

29.01.2021 – 15:08

Paderborn Police

Paderborn (OTS)

(MB) The police punished, on Thursday, about 60 traffic violations during a major operation. Special emphasis was placed on the cause of the “distraction” of the accident. Emergency services have set up checkpoints in the urban area of ​​Paderborn, on the accident-prone L776 between Salzkotten and Büren and in the urban district of Delbrück. They pulled back 28 drivers who used their cell phones while driving. Those affected are now receiving € 100 fines plus a fee and a month’s driving ban. Five drivers exceeding the L776 in the no-overtaking area should expect similar consequences. Officers stopped seven belts and two drivers who did not secure their cargo properly. Warning fines or administrative fines have been initiated for eleven speeding offenses.

#Whatch out! Smartphones are “Attention # 1”. The use of electronic devices involves significant road safety risks and risks. The risk of an accident increases many times, because at a speed of 50 km / h the driver drives about 14 meters in just one second! A glance at a cell phone for 2 seconds while driving at 50 km / h means nearly 30 meters of “blind flight”.

Please send inquiries from media representatives to:

Paderborn County Police Authority
Journalism and Public Relations
Phone: 05251306-1320
Email: [email protected]

Out of business hours:

Paderborn Police Control Center
Phone: 05251306-1222

Original content by: Paderborn Police, transmitted via aktuell news

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