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21.02.2021 – 17:56

Rothenburg Police Station

Sittensen (OTS)

# Accident on the highway – minor injury to a motorist #

On Sunday morning, a 24-year-old Volkswagen Polo driver was slightly injured in an accident on Door 1 in the direction of Hamburg. Around 8:15 am, she left her lane for unknown reasons and ran into a truck. Due to the force of the collision, the roof of the small car was torn off and pushed into the car. In addition, the car hit the central wall and then stopped in the middle of the highway, completely destroyed. The ambulance service took care of the young driver and took him to a nearby hospital. The highway had to be temporarily closed due to rescue and lane-cleaning work. Police estimate property damage at around 5,000 euros.

# Highway Police Control Distance and Distraction at Steering Wheel #

Sitensen Highway Police carried out targeted checks of cell phones and distances last Saturday. In a civilian vehicle, police officers identified a total of seven drivers who were using a mobile phone while driving. In another eight cases, truck drivers fell below the set safety distance of 50 meters. In places, this has been reduced to just 20 meters from the vehicle ahead. There was clearly less time to respond in dangerous traffic situations and most drivers were aware of this. However, the risks associated with it appear to be underestimated and sometimes underestimated. Black and white demarcation poles at the edge of the road always help you maintain the correct distance from the vehicle ahead. It is set at 50m distance from each other, thus it can be well used for distance adjustment. Police officers initiated a total of 15 lawsuits with a fine, which in addition to a large fine also leads to a point in Flensburg.

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