10 tips to get a good start in your Vikings’ survival

Valhaim It is clearly the current video game. With over 3 million players purchasing the Iron Gate Studio title in just 17 days since its launch in Alpha, you can’t miss this little gem. If you hesitate to get it with your friends or if you are just starting your adventure, here are ten little tips that will make you a more experienced beginner than others! Of course, if you have already reached the Bronze Age, most of it will seem superfluous to you.

1 # Watch out for the trunks!

Every player first instinct in survival games is to smash trees with fists. And in ValhaimAnd the The trees will be your worst nightmare since the start of the game. These are her toHas an annoying habit of falling damage when falling. How many friends have we lost, brutally crushed with a flying torso or a rolling-off. In memory of them, Remember to take a step back when the tree has fallen off.

# 2 Valheim: ruined everything

Gathering resources as quickly as possible is an essential feature of survival / crafting games like Valhaim. bone This could be improved. Outdoor logs are placed in bundles of 50 (be careful, you’ll have to go through a hammer if you want to restore all of your logs) just like stone, which will save you space. And if you discover an abandoned village, Placing the crafting table in the center will allow you to quickly demolish homes To recover materials.

# 3 Les Boss Farms!

You defeated your first boss, hurray! But you still have deer prizes in your inventory. What to do ?! start again! The senior manager is relatively easy and gives you a good number of helpful resources. Take a day or two and stuff it. Also, feel free to come back when your chest is full of prizes again.

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4 # Friends of wild boars you will be

as in Maine CraftAnd the It is possible to multiply in it ValhaimThis is much faster than expected! If you have to wait for the first bronze ingots to plant your crops, wild boar breeding is very easy to do, But it requires a small set of life points. Actually, the idea is to build a fence, Attract at least two wild boars in it Then to close the box. Feed them the fungi and the roots, stay with them for a little, fix the barriers if necessary and You must see their love for you to climb up in days.

5 # Focus on one or two weapons

And lo Some prefer to focus on exploring or constructing luxury buildingsFighting remains the primary activity in Valhaim. Like a game The Scrolls of the WiseAnd the The more weapons you use, the more powerful you will be with them Hence, the greater the damage it causes. It is recommended to use one or even two weapons, such as Shaft / shield and bow Which is very powerful at the start of the game. Be careful, the bow tends to curve softly (literally) at first and takes some time to adjust.

6 # Make a map of the important places

The “blank” card is undoubtedly my favorite mechanic component Valhaim. In fact, It is up to you to jot down every of the places of interest that you will come across during your adventure. This could be the stones that represent the different area and / or bosses, but also the dungeons, and resources like Copper and tin deposits Or simply your camp and / or death scene to return to pick up your gear. Also note that Your world is unique, and your map will be different from any other !

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7 # Forget the sea

Quickly you’ll realize that Water takes a very important place in your adventure. But you still have to wait a while before you can cross it. The raft will not be enough to allow you to move between islands. But It can allow you to pass along coasts and cross rivers without being migrated by these naingras de naingris. However, beware of the lurking large snake, dying outside the main island will result in loss of experience!

8 # Think about leveling the floor

All amateur builders will tell you: A good home is built on solid foundations ! Valhaim Not an exception, with the durability and foundation system included in the game, making solid buildings early in the game is very difficult. Then Use the spade to amend the soil as you wishs. Note that the ax will also allow you to dig a trench around your camp on nights when monsters attack.

9 # Eat a balanced diet

Eating has never been more important in this game! Just not because It affects your overall lifeBut also because you can’t go overboard with eating the same food every day Maine Craft. Here, You can eat three different foods to increase your lifeSo consider eating five fruits and vegetables a day!

10 # Don’t play alone!

It may sound silly, but Valhaim It is a game that reveals all its salt when you play it together. This allows you to progress faster, but also to specialize in one or more games. Also, You will be able to wield weapons against each other It will make the battles easier, especially in the dungeons.

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