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Afternoon game Announced that Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition, A redesigned version of the Quantum Dream Classic Available for PS4 In the Special Collectors edition.

For those unfamiliar with Fahrenheit, we can say that this is a helpful game Size dream To lay the foundations for his success, it has come to the world, and then heavy rain, beyond: two souls and Detroit: became human.

Fahrenheit is about the story Lucas Kane, A boy who saw himself being chased by police detectives Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles after escaping from a murder scene without remembering what had happened. The following is a lively story adventure in which choices have a direct effect on how the stories unfold.

The game mixes exploration and dialogue phases with quick quick action sessions in which the player must execute exactly the sequence of commands indicated on the screen to continue the adventure. The adventure that begins Dark tones From the detective, then to the surprising and unnatural (or many) progress. Just as David Cage accustomed us to later games.

This Special edition Fahrenheit wrote: The 15th anniversary edition includes a specially crafted suit and case, stickers, a high quality printed art book and a thank you letter written by the Quantum Dream team.

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