HomePod: iOS 14.4 brings new functions

For a few weeks, Apple has been testing iOS 14.4 for iPhone and iPad devices. At the same time, it became known at an early stage that users using HomePod could look forward to some innovations. Along with the latest updates, software version 14.4 has now been released for HomePod and HomePod mini, providing more functionality for the latter, while the software for the standard model only has been improved and bugs fixed.

Focus on Apple’s U1 chip

In a keynote speech in October, Apple promised a new experience when moving playback from iPhone to HomePod mini and vice versa. This should be possible thanks to the U1 chip that Apple has installed since the iPhone 11 which is also found in the mini version of the smart speaker. According to Apple, transfer between devices should now be seen, heard, and felt as well.

This is how the port works with the HomePod mini and the U1 chip

If you approach HomePod mni with iPhone with music playing, a small popup will appear, which gets bigger as the distance decreases and opens as a window at some point. At the same time, the vibrations in the iPhone increase, while the light on the smart speaker shines stronger and stronger.

According to Apple, this is also new:

Software release 14.4 contains the following bug fixes and new functions for iPhone U1 devices:

  • Transfer music from iPhone to HomePod mini with visual, auditory and tactile effects
  • Personalized iPhone audio suggestions when HomePod mini is nearby
  • Automatically display media controls without unlocking your iPhone when HomePod mini is nearby

What do you think of the new features? Did they succeed or is it just a gimmick? Let us know in the comments.

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