2020 segment: Candidates selected, voting is open!

This year’s “Clip of the Year” jury presented the 2020 nominated clips in ten categories. The final community voting for the winners will continue until tomorrow, Thursday, January 21, 2021. The organizers will explain this in a current press release.

The expert jury selected the nominees from more than 2000 clips submitted from Twitch Live in 2020. About 50 people compete with their most impressive shots in the ten different categories. You can watch the clips at the following link (logged in to Twitch): https://clipdesjahres.de/voting/.

All nominated clips were shown in a two-hour live broadcast on twitch.tv/NerdStarTV on Sunday January 17, 2021. The program gave the start to the community vote and reached over 145,000 viewers. The jury consists of: Natascha Becker (Editor, GameStar), Philip Dams (Project Director, DreamHack Leipzig), Dennsen86 (Streamer and speedrunner), Falballa (Streamer), Sophia Henning (Online Games and Video Consultant, Mediennetzwerk.NRW), Dirk Ludewig (Managing Director, NerdStar) and Mikkel Robrahn (Author, PietSmiet Operations Manager).

Vote Thursday evening!

The final vote for the winners in each category will take place on Thursday, January 21st at 10 PM. In addition to the expert jury, the community will now also participate. Every member of the community can use their Twitch account via https://clipdesjahres.de/voting/ Log in to vote. Important: For a sound to be counted, a score must be assigned to each segment in the category. At the end, the entire community vote is added to the expert jury result and winners are decided.

The 2020 Awards Gala will take place as part of the “DreamHack Leipzig – Home Edition”. The live show starts on January 23 at 8 PM at twitch.tv/falballa. The sponsors of the 2020 segment are Fritz Kola and HI-TECH for Gamers. All information about the program and the project can be found on the official DreamHack Leipzig homepage at www.dreamhack-leipzig.de and at www.clipdesjahres.de.

Candidates profile

Category 1: Best Pro Move

  • Calix
  • xDrown
  • MDarle_and_Maynzi
  • SpecterPiatch
  • Hiwin

Category 2: Horror / Jump Care

  • jhypolith
  • Simonster
  • der_dogan
  • Vingard
  • RoyalPhunk

Category 3: Creativity

  • Colored fox
  • LinaFleer
  • achNina
  • Inzinia
  • hummelcosplay

Category 4: Funniest moment

  • der_dogan
  • MDarle_and_Maynzi
  • Raubling
  • This is Iggy

Category 5: IRL

  • Bardehaus
  • The Storm Waffle
  • itsPatLive
  • PSCladbar
  • SkylineTVlive

Category 6: Best Shot

  • Gustavjabel
  • Copilius
  • Hiwin
  • Applause

Category 7: Food and drink

  • Doctor Freud
  • SizzleBrothers
  • Kutcher lol
  • Zornquingen
  • MissScruffleButt

Eighth Category: Newcomer of the year

  • Schnaiba
  • Exytosdi
  • BoesesJuju
  • 96 – Gondolz
  • Flows

Category 9: The best moment in the game

  • Dkxdi
  • Munich
  • Raubling
  • EineWieAlaska
  • Inzinia

Tenth category: failure of the year

  • Larsi
  • Fun
  • achNina
  • Charoman
  • Disclaimer


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