How to make a Samsung phone with OneUI 3.0 automatically connect to WiFi networks

Connecting to Wi-Fi networks with your mobile phone is something we do every day as a routine not to exhaust our speed in the blink of an eye and also make better use of the speeds our home network provides are the main reason for choosing this connection. Action that It can be improved on Samsung phones With One UI 3.0.

A layer spread more and more among the latest models of the Korean company, which allows That our mobile phone connects automatically To those networks we usually join periodically and this saves us doing it manually.

Improving the use of Wi-Fi networks

User interface 3User interface 3

A feature can be accessed at ‘Settings’ General phone numbers. To access it we must go to the section ‘Links’ He stopped at the section “WIFI”, Which we have to activate, how does that make sense.

Networking 1Networking 1

If we look at the upper-left area, we’ll see a menu with three dots, which give us access to different options, one of which is called ‘Advanced’ And we must insist on it. It is the second option that interests us. Eye Automatically activate Wi-Fi, You must move the box to the right to activate it.

Networks 2Networks 2

This way and as the comment itself indicates, what does this method do? Facilitates automatic activation of Wi-Fi network When we are at points where we usually connect to Wi-Fi.

We tested One UI 3.0 on Android 11: This is the latest Samsung Galaxy update

In addition to that, we can also access the parameters of each of the networks that we connect to. Simply click on the cogwheel or hold down the network name for a few seconds and we will see a small window with different options. We see Manage network settings By clicking, we will see a box with the caption Auto Reconnect. This will lead to the fact that during manual Wi-Fi activation, the device, if available, will connect to the network that we used and on which this feature was enabled.

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Networks 3Networks 3

With these options, it’s easiest to be able to by owning a Samsung Terminal Ease of connecting to Wi-Fi networks We used it already without needing to interfere with this process.

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