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The DreamAway virtual reality space is installed on the first floor of the former Saint Marina shoe store, on Rue du Sauvage, and provides pure entertainment for young and old. It will open this weekend on June 29th and 30th, with open days in operation.

Those who frequent the Saint Marina shoe store will not find their slippers there… Advertised for several weeks on social networks, DreamAway arrives in Mulhouse and takes up residence on the first floor of the former shoe store, at 19 rue Savage. Or 350 square meters dedicated to virtual reality for play and enjoyment. “We are really in the business of pure entertainment by offering fun and having a good time. We target groups of friends, families, young people (from 8 years old) and seniors, as well as companies. “We target the general public, less gamers,” explains Maxime Chassara, building manager at Jean-Louis Scermin. The two “childhood friends” from Mulhouse, who are not their first attempt at entrepreneurship, are already linked within the company BR-Performance, which specializes in reprogramming car engines, founded in 2019.

“Cooperative and multiplayer experience”

Catherine Kohler Maxime Chasara, co-director of the DreamAway Mulhouse franchise, which is already established in 16 cities in France.

With DreamAway, the adventure is completely different. Move a tall ship to the beat of the drums to win the race, participate in an underwater treasure hunt, discover Anne Frank's house, immerse yourself in the world of zombies… About twenty experiences are offered, between entertainment, adrenaline climbing, adventure, escape game but also culture. “The idea is to share moments and offer a collaborative experience for many players (Editor's Note: Minimum of two players and up to 16 players at one time) “, explains the director of the DreamAway franchise, which is already established in 16 cities in France, including Strasbourg. To achieve this – and we have tested it – the VR space does not skimp on the quality of the equipment, as each participant has the latest generation of virtual headsets, but also an audio headset, a microphone and controls with alarming precision, allowing you to immerse yourself in 360 degrees in a 100% imaginary world. Deceit!

For companies too

In terms of prices, it will cost you from 10 euros for 25 minutes to 30 euros for 45 minutes depending on the experiences and the dates. In addition to individuals (there is also a formula for children's birthdays), DreamAway also targets companies and groups, for gaming sessions, but also seminars with spaces that can be partially or completely privatized. “Finally, we will also offer a small snack, people who come to play often want to extend the moment together,” confirms Maxime Chassara, a few hours before the official opening of DreamWay Mulhouse, which will take place the last weekend of June, with open doors (read below). An invitation to “have a good time” in an old shoe store could not be invented!

To test for free this weekend!

For its launch in Mulhouse, DreamAway will be holding an open day, Saturday 29 June from 11am to 10pm and Sunday 30 June from 11am to 7pm. The opportunity to discover the new space for free and experience about twenty immersive adventures.

Dream, 19 rue du Sauvage (1st floor, entrance via rue de Cordier). Recommended registration by e-mailwithin the limits of available seats. + Information about Dreamaway.fr

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