Space: A second asteroid is expected to hit Earth on Saturday: News

A very large asteroid passed close to our planet on Thursday, June 27. It is scheduled to pass again between the Moon and Earth on Saturday, as explained by the website.

Two impressively large asteroids are near Earth. On Thursday, June 27, the first asteroid more than two kilometers long, called 2011 UL21 (415029), passed by the blue planet shortly after 10 p.m. It was discovered in 2011, and is larger than 99% of the asteroids around Earth, as explained by the European Space Agency, which also confirmed that it does not pose any danger to us. As shown websiteA large space object like this could cause tsunamis or earthquakes if it hit Earth.

Coincidentally, Sunday, June 30 is World Asteroid Day. This weekend will once again be suitable for space observations, as a second asteroid is scheduled to pass by Earth on Saturday, June 29.

How to monitor 2024 MK?

Asteroid 2024 MK should pass at a distance of 290,000 km from Earth and will be closest to our planet at 3:46 pm. In comparison, the Moon is 380,000 kilometers away, so the asteroid is astronomically very close. It is distinguished by the fact that it was discovered on Sunday, June 16, 2024, that is, only 15 days before its passage.

It is rare to discover such a large asteroid near Earth“, said Richard Muesel, who works in the European Space Agency's Planetary Defense Office.But there is no chance of influence!“Given the time of day that 2024 MK must pass, the asteroid closest to Earth will be difficult to see. It is much smaller than Thursday's asteroid, however it should be seen in the evening using a small telescope.”

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