4 million dollars for the French augmented reality headset LYNX-R1

A few months after the massive success of a crowdfunding campaign for its first mixed reality headset, startup LYNX has just announced another great news.

It’s a $4 million fundraiser just announced by LYNX and its founder Stan Laroque. Funding is led by Somnium Space, an open social virtual platform. Its founder, Artur Sychov, simultaneously returns to the LYNX Board of Directors.

The company has not clearly indicated what use these new dollars will be made of but one imagines that they will be used wisely to develop broader marketing for the first LYNX-R1 helmet. As a first step, apparently this summer, LYNX will have to offer hundreds of crowdfunding participants.

LYNX-R1 is a mixed reality headset based on the Snapdragon XR2 processor that integrates hand tracking, 6 degrees of freedom and a wide field of view. It can be ordered directly On the official website for $720 (with taxes). We also invite you to consult all our news about LYNX to learn more.

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