6 ways to turn your smartphone into a computer

Leaving your laptop at home and have an urgent task to do and email your boss or client? Well, if your documents are stored in the cloud, you can finish the job by turning your smartphone into a PC. This will save you from looking at such a small screen.

Discover 6 quick ways to turn your smartphone into a computer today.

Use your smartphone as a computer

Having a laptop in your pocket always, for any event, makes sense. Unfortunately, the pockets are not large enough to accommodate something this size. On the other hand, smartphones easily slip into your pocket.

This means that you can use the smartphone as a laptop – an alternative computer to use in an emergency. The limitations of small screens are no longer an issue, thanks to wireless HDMI.

The real magic of this dynamic lies in the display of the interface. When viewed on a compatible TV, the current user interface of the smartphone will not be displayed. Instead, a traditional and familiar desktop interface is offered.

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How to turn your smartphone into a PC

Your smartphone already has an operating system and may already support a mouse. To turn your smartphone into a PC, you need:

  • bluetooth keyboard and mouse;
  • Alternatively, a USB keyboard, mouse, and a USB-OTG cable;
  • Display supports HDMI wirelessly or screen sync.

Instead, you can use something that supports HDMI, USB, or even Ethernet.

1. DeX Desktop: Samsung devices

Perhaps the best options for turning a smartphone into a computer are available to Samsung users. With the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Note 8 or later, you have the option of DeX. Launched from the notification bar, DeX is basically a desktop environment for Android.

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Simply connect your smartphone to a wireless display with an HDMI port, connect your input devices, and you’re ready to go.

DeX gives you access to all the usual Android apps in windowed mode. Samsung DeX is the best way to turn your smartphone into a computer. If you have a suitable device, now is the time to test it.

2. Ubuntu Touch: A smartphone as a Linux PC

Ubuntu Touch is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones. Ubuntu Touch powered by UBports runs on several devices:

The main feature of Ubuntu Touch is the convergence system. Like Samsung DeX, it is a desktop environment, which is activated when the smartphone is connected to an external monitor.

The operating system is preinstalled with many tools, including LibreOffice. Having a mobile phone that can be used as a laptop at all times is great for the productivity factor.

3. OS Maru: Turn Android into a PC

In 2016, Android overtook Windows as the most widely used consumer operating system on the planet. So it makes sense to explore its potential as a desktop operating system.

Maru OS only works on certain models. So, if you can get yourself a Nexus 5 (2013) or a Nexus 5X (2015), you’ll get good results. Preview versions are available for the Nexus 6P and Google Pixel devices. It is a complete operating system that should be installed in place of or alongside Android.

4. Leena Desktop User Interface

If you want to use your smartphone as a computer, but don’t have Samsung and don’t want to install a new operating system, you still have options. One is Leena desktop user interfaceIt is a desktop application for Android.

Leena has a file manager, browser, video player, PDF viewer, and much more. It also supports logins, screen syncing or “casting” and lets you use Android apps in desktop windows.

5. Chromecast

If this all seems a bit complicated, expensive, or a combination of both, consider a simpler option. Do you need access to your Android smartphone’s word processor in an emergency? Well, you can quickly use your Android smartphone as a computer if you have the following devices:

  • USB-C or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse;
  • A Chromecast or (other mirroring solution) device is connected to your TV.

Simply download the document you want, connect your keyboard, and share your view on Chromecast.

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6. Old Windows smartphone on PC

If you’ve ever heard of Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone, you probably know it’s dead. Old smartphones can be bought for less than 60 euros on eBay. Although largely unnecessary in terms of applications, some models have good cameras.

But the secret mode is hidden in those old, cheap smartphones: the Windows desktop. Three smartphones were launched with the Continuum: HP Elite 3, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

Thanks to the early release of Continuum technology (which currently supports switching between desktop and tablet modes on Windows laptops), you can connect your smartphone to a display and view the Windows desktop environment.

It has access to applications installed on it, such as Microsoft Office, and uses the smartphone to make calls when it is connected. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can be connected, but a mobile phone keyboard can also be used. The screen can act as a laptop touchpad.

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Suspension: Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone are no longer updated. As such, using this method may expose you to online attacks or vulnerabilities in your operating system and software.

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