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Mudi 4G LTE privacy router

If you travel a lot or work in public places, you will need to educate yourself about Mudi 4G LTE privacy router. If you work in your hotel room or sit in a coffee shop, log in to this privacy tool, and it will act as an encryption device. Service is used Tor To help you work anonymously and protect you from hackers. This is what I definitely have on my wishlist, so I can work on my own Starbucks Without worrying about using Wi-Fi General.

Cryptocurrency Storage Stronghodl

Phrases of recovery are difficult to remember. And the last thing you want to do is store it in a spreadsheet Excel On your computer or write it down in a notebook that you take everywhere. This is where Strongoodle Intervene. It is a safe analog product that is resistant to fire, water and shock. It comes with more than 300 characters to jot down your password, after which you can cover and secure your phrase with Allen key. It’s a much better idea than writing the sentence on the package. Fruit on foot As he did Ilana Certainly Broad City.

Winston Online Privacy Policy

Even at home, your information online is not safe. You should consider getting a privacy protection device online Winston. It installs between your modem and your router and protects your information online, and there is no monthly fee for this. VPN. Plus, it only takes sixty seconds to install, unless you know how to set up an VPN, It can be a little difficult to learn. It’ll even show you who’s filtering. It protects everything on your network: your Alexa, Your smart TV, your smart lights, etc.

Vektor Advanced Wi-Fi Network Security Device

The The vector It is a comprehensive device that works to scale VPN On devices in your smart home. It will protect you from hackers and malware, block ads and web tracking. The great thing about this privacy protection tool is that it can protect your devices from hackers and detect malware infections much faster than traditional antivirus and firewalls. It creates a pattern for normal network traffic, allowing it to detect anything different and notify you. You can also create grids Wi-Fi Temporary for your guests.

HELLO 2 encoded video communication device

The Hi 2 It turns your TV into a communications device that can be used for video conferencing, Skype calls, live broadcasts, games and whiteboards. It also comes with files Google Assistant And the Amazon Alexa It can be used for home automation. And with all it can do, you might have some privacy concerns, but it has end-to-end encryption and two built-in anti-piracy checks.

UVENA RFID blocking card

People are constantly looking for new ways to steal your money. And with new credit card technology, people have figured out how your information is being stolen, although changes and chip additions are supposed to prevent this. Protect your wallet with this security tool. Ban card RFID UVENA It fits directly into your wallet just like a credit card and absorbs signals within an inch of the radius. I bought one for my wallet, especially since it’s affordable.

Mobile workstation The Cove To protect the privacy of laptop computers

I know quite a few people who work from home and like to go out and work in cafes a lot. But they operate with private medical and financial information, so they cannot go out in public places where they can be seen. Workstation Privacy: Alcove Mobile Laptop It will make them feel more comfortable working in a corner in public places, knowing that the person next to them cannot see their screen. Without being obvious, at least. This is a laptop case that opens to give you complete privacy. It even has a built-in lighting strip, so you don’t have to worry if the walls are blocking the light.

STARK magnetic privacy screen for MacBook

This is definitely in the “Found this in action and I need it now” articles list. I love working in the cafes or bars of downtown Marseille from time to time, but I hate it when I feel like someone is watching what I’m doing. Magnetic Privacy Screen Stark You will do it for me. This is this little gathering Tools to protect your personal data Done, I hope you find it helpful to secure your personal information from prying eyes.

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