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Harrison Forbidden West Sarah Bigger and better of Harrison Zero Dawn: He said it in an interview Ashley Burch, An actress who plays the role of Aloy in the Gorilla game series.

The much-anticipated PS5 game by the developers could have relied on the solid foundations of the first episode of Horizon Forbidden West, and can go from there and provide us with a more rich, engaging and visually impressive experience.

“I found out History Alloy with him, on several occasions, “explained the Burch Horizon Zero Dawn.” The big thing, though, is that by spending enough time with that character and acting in her role, you truly understand her world. “

The Horizon Forbidden West is one of the scene’s most inspiring landscapes.

“So when the protagonist speaks to someone, check what tribe she belongs to and you wonder what she looks like and how she is. Alloy Realize the group he belongs to and express some emotions from there. “

“The best thing about working in the Horizon Forbidden West is that I gathered this knowledge. So, ‘Oh, Dead Foro, Yes, I remember him! ‘I can do these now because I know Aloy and her world well. It’s like starting with a very solid foundation: I’m looking forward to it. “

“I did a recording session for the game a few days ago. How does it come out? I can not say much, but of course Harrison will be bigger and better than Forbidden West Zero Done. First Episode: Wonderful World, Awesome Story, Awesome Sports. “

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