7 signs that your smartphone battery may explode

Rechargeable batteries are everywhere. Look around now and you’ll probably find six devices that have a rechargeable battery. While this number is high, rest assured that they are surprisingly safe and rarely catch fire.

However, the danger is there. The good news is that piles usually give you a warning before they turn into a fireball. And if you know the warning signs, you can deal with them before you get a nasty surprise. Here are the warning signs you should look out for if your smartphone or laptop battery is about to explode.

First of all, in the event of a malfunction, your device will become very hot – this is the principle of overheating. This is an important red flag that indicates that something serious may happen imminently. That’s not all: the device in question can also swell to the point of breaking its frame. Rechargeable batteries can swell dramatically when faulty, which can cause smartphone screens to pop out and even the casing of laptops and other gadgets to flex and bulge.

Other inconveniences can occur: The device may emit an unpleasant chemical smell. This is another warning sign. The reason may not be the battery, but any pungent smell emanating from the device is a sign that it should be checked. Likewise, the presence of smoke should alert you: it goes without saying that it is a problem that you should not ignore.

Avoid unnecessary risks!

The device may also have trouble charging properly. This may not be an imminent sign that your smartphone, laptop or other gadget is going to catch fire, but it is a sign that something is wrong, and to be sure, it is best to check it. the device. The latter can also release liquid. It might not be the battery, but it’s still a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore. If it’s not a battery, it’s a thing.

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In case of major damage, don’t forget to check your device. If the case falls and becomes skewed, smashed or bent, if there is any chance of the battery being damaged or punctured, then this is a problem that you should not ignore. Then the question arises: what to do in the event of a fire? If you experience any of these signs, stop using the device and seek expert help. In the meantime, put the device somewhere where if it catches fire it won’t be much of a problem (on a metal tray, on concrete, something that won’t get stuck and spread the fire).

If your device catches fire, do not throw water on it, it may worsen the situation! That’s when having a proper fire extinguisher can save you! If the fire is small and you don’t have access to a fire extinguisher, covering the appliance with a fire-resistant tool — a metal bowl or a glass bowl — can help prevent spread. Having said that, do not risk in case of fire. Evacuating the place and calling emergency services is the safest thing you can do.

source : ZDNet.com

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