The Sims 4: Are werewolves coming soon?

Written by Cecil D. Posted on May 3, 2022 at 6:16 pm

After a few hours of suspense, The Sims has lifted the veil on what awaits players in May and June: different DLCs are planned…

A date, a few seconds of video, and that was enough to set the powder on fire, in the Simmers community. Monday, May 4, in a tweet, the team Sims He gives us a date this Tuesday, by broadcasting an interesting video: the famous Plumbob Green rotates in front of a residential area of ​​the game, then the screen goes dark and the crystal changes.

From these few seconds many hypotheses were born from the players, who are eagerly waiting to find out the hidden message behind this tweet.

The most popular theory – but not necessarily the most credible – is that EA is preparing to launch Sims 5, which is a new part of the video game franchise. Another hypothesis has been put forward on social networks: Sims 4 could release DLC in cooperation with It is an electronic game. In fact, the user believes that he got to know, on the video, the decoration of the Battle Royal map of the game, more precisely in Salty Springs. Internet users, in turn, have expressed their wants and desires – and sometimes their fears. So the hypotheses about this announcement revolve around a open worldMagical World Pack improvements, The Sims 4 arrives in Nintendo SwitchIn a dark situation…

Finally, at 5 p.m. French time, the answer to all of our questions has arrived: In a second teaser video, The Sims points it out 2 sets and 1 game pack between May and June 2022. The slogan for the next few months: “stay awake“!

In this short video, some images give us clues about the themes of the upcoming DLCs. Sim sits on her sofa and starts off: We see what looks like a reality TV about love and seduction And pictures that indicate that werewolves Outside.

It has been highly anticipated since the release of The Sims 4, that these supernatural creatures could return. One thing is for sure: the following packages are related to the world night. Can we also expect a game package about nightlife, like City Life?

I will answer in a few weeks.

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