Kindle will finally support EPUB files later

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(Pocket-lint) – Amazon will finally add support for the EPUB format to the Kindle e-reader family later in 2022.

EPUB has been the preferred format for other e-book readers for many years, but Amazon has always chosen not to support it for one reason or another. Amazon just confirmed that this type of file will soon be allowed using the “Send to Kindle” app on PC, Mac, or through the Chrome browser.

Some Android apps also allow you to transfer files via Send to Kindle using the share button.

You can also send files to your Kindle e-reader via email. Each Kindle has a unique email address, and you can transfer files to your device by attaching them to a custom email message.

All EPUB files sent to Kindle must be DRM-free in order to work.

Unfortunately, while adding EPUB support, Amazon is removing the ability to transfer MOBI and AZW files to your Kindle.

Documents and e-books from these types of files already stored on your device will continue to work, but you will no longer be able to use the Documents service or Send to Kindle apps to place new files on your reader.

“MOBI is an older file format and will not support the new Kindle Document features,” Amazon says.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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