+75 million spectators for the New Year’s Jean-Michel Jarre parade

The concert has so far been watched by more than 75 million spectators around the world. They attended the event either on virtual platforms, such as VRChat and Oculus Venues, or via national and international TV and radio stations, but also via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo, Bilibili and Douyin. Attendance numbers keep increasing, the entire ceremony is available online and in “replay”.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) made the event freely available to its national television and radio partners around the world.

Welcome to the other sideProduced by the City of Paris, under the auspices of UNESCO, in partnership with VRrOOm, has become the official midnight image and countdown for the city of Paris.

Jean-Michel Jarre gave a live show from Studio Gabriel near the Champs-Elysées, while performing his avatar inside the virtual Notre Dame. This 50-minute concert, festive and futuristic, consisted of tracks from his latest album, Electronica, as well as new reworked versions of his classics, Oxygène and Equinoxe.

Commissioned by the city of Paris and Imagined, designed and produced in a record time of 3 months, this multimedia project brought together a team of around 150 people around Jean-Michel Jarre to create a virtual Notre-Dame and take on an artistic and technological powerhouse tour that combines multiple mediums and skills.

Creativity Jar joined the designers and developers of the emerging VRrOOm company to createWelcome to the other side, A musical show whose originality can be compared to its unique outdoor concerts, while helping to define a new style of expression, which is virtual reality.

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