A New World: Some Tricks To Start Your Amazon Game In The Best Way

A series of tips and tricks to not immediately start the battle in the massive open world of the title

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After a long wait and two postponements, the expected match new world Branded Amazon debuted in style, instantly capturing a large audience. Set in a suggestive open world on a supernatural island called Aeternum, this title is a win-win for those looking for an adventure filled with dangers, battles, interactions with allies or enemies, and constant choices. here is one A set of practical tricks For those who are just starting out and for those who want to understand something right away without getting lost in the early stages.

How to level up quickly

A great classic of the genre. There are more or less profitable and more or less complex ways. For easy points, you can read books (blue lit vellum), press the T key near you or engage in crafting, building equipment and objects using collected materials, even for structures and potions. It takes more time, but you will be well rewarded for example with the inevitable secondary tasks along the way or with missions, which nonetheless require time, resources and courage.

However, rushing is bad advice: it is better to stay in the initial zone for a while, in order to learn skills such as fishing or set up camp in an environment that is still quite safe, it is also recommended to start crafting early and upgrade your character a little.

How does siege work?

An important part of the game is about sieges, that is, 50 vs 50 closed battles in the style of “conquer the flag”. To participate you must register through the in-game action or if you are invited. During the challenge, if you attack, you will have to obtain the three capture points necessary to claim the opposing team’s territory. If you don’t succeed in time, the defenders win. You can also undergo a siege in your settlement, not for the whole day, but only within an hour communicated in advance. To defend yourself, you can buy weapons with the named currency battle symbols Which is achieved by killing opponents or pursuing positive defensive performance in a group situation.

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How to get around fast

The simplest and free way is to register at a hostel by talking to the host and then travel quickly, with a maximum of once per hour and one hostel at a time. Otherwise, the Azoth resource should be used: a rare mineral, obtained as a reward for the main quests and therefore should be used in moderation. But to get back to your own settlement quickly, you just have to… die.

How to buy houses

You can buy up to three homes, one at level 20, one at level 40 and one at level 60. You will have to pay taxes, otherwise you will lose the functionality and features that have been achieved up to that point. Decorating homes guarantees rewards in combat, and it goes without saying that the higher the cost, the more space is available indoors and in warehouses.

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