Le Snap #55: Best of 2021

Snap is back in time: Head for the stars! SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket mission, the landing of Rover Perseverance and its owner Ingenuity on Mars, the landing of the Crew Dragon capsule on the International Space Station, or the first space tourism flight by Blue Origin.

Robots in the service of science

2021 has also been marked as a health crisis. Although a component shortage has delayed some production, Covid-19 has inspired designers of robots. Between delivery robots and bacteria destroyers, the year has been prolific!

Excessive consoles

If some got bored while in confinement, others took the opportunity to express their creativity. A few YouTubers got busy designing XXL consoles! In the program: the giant PS5, the extraordinary Nintendo Switch, the Game Boy turned Game Man.

This year again, they made you dream, left you speechless or terrified you. Whether we love them or hate them, robots continue to amaze us. From Boston Dynamics staple to humanoid Cleo, including an Amazon Astro companion, they’re all in a Snap!

To close out our 2021 retrospective, make room for the tech novelties that have caused quite a stir. Discover LG’s first foldable TV, iMacs and their M1 chip, or even the Nintendo Switch OLED!

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