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Resident Evil Village The general public came and began to explore the dark world that Capcom had conceived. As we have already reported, the horror adventure is a success on Steam, but apparently it is too Traction Hit the numbers Registration To the series.

In Twitch, in fact, Resident Evil Village was able to reach its peak 600,000 contemporary viewers. It should also be noted that this is not a thank you number for a large streamer, but a combination of several names, small and large. This means that people are more interested in the game than the personality that brings streaming in the twitches.

Resident Evil Village makes everyone believe

To get an idea Success See the numbers marked by previous chapters in the Twilight of Citizen Evil Village. Initially, Resident Evil 7 had 224,481 viewers at a time. On the other hand, the Resident Evil 2 remake reached 314,244 contemporary viewers, slightly surpassing the Resident Evil 3 remake, which received 318,002 contemporary viewers. So a record for the Resident Evil Village saga that has double values ​​in the twist compared to previous chapters.

This is definitely a worthy success as we have explained to you in our review. As mentioned, Resident Evil Village has already won the other episodes of the series on Steam. If you are playing the game, you may need advice in mercenary mode.

We also report an Italian player who finished it in about 100 minutes.

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