A tech gadget that wants to end the nightmare of washing hands

The CES 2021 They see all of the colors as the product Hyper Lychee introduces and launches it on Kickstarter, A. Technology tool Who wants to put an end to my hand washing nightmare. The product is called Skadu and is also a winner of the European Award for Product Design, it is a portable electro-purifier with a unique approach to washing, which aims to make removing dirt fast and easy.

Cleaning is one of the most hated and time consuming housework. Skadu is a powerful portable power tool that has a high torque motor. Cleans with Three washing tablets alternately Two opposite directions. This increases washing efficiency and allows for absorption Fast and easy cleaning of stuck dirt. Skadu comes with a set of attachments to perform various tasks such as an accessory with brushes for bottles and mugs and a brass cleaning device for foods glued to barbecue grills and baking plates.

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